More Ways to $ave

More Ways to $ave - Endorse Facebook App 

This is really neat new site that I will be taking advantage of and I hope you will too. Endorse has created a simple pre-paid mailer service like Netflix. Head on over HERE to sign up for the Facebook App (You do need to have a Facebook account to use this program). When you sign up for Endorse, you will receive a Welcome Package in the mail containing free mailers.You have to put in your address under the settings tab. It takes about 5 days for the free mailers to arrive. Once you've signed up, click on the Products tab to view all the current products available to endorse and choose one or many products that you are interested in endorsing. Once you purchase the endorsed item(s), simply toss in your receipts to the free mailer, put the mailer in the mail, and earn at least 10% cash back. Endorse will scan your receipts, match your purchases to your endorsements, and calculate your cash-back amount. Once your Endorse account balance exceeds $25, you may request payment in the form of a check. You can earn even more if  you get 5 friends to buy your endorsed products too. Once they send in they send in their receipts yours, is free. Endorse actually pays you back what you paid for the product! Keep in mind this app is only about a month old and still in a beta phase, so they will be adding a lot more to it in the future.
Here are some of the restrictions:
They only accept original receipts, no photocopies (You can request that the receipts are mailed back to you though, just send them an e-mail) You can only submit receipts for credit if you have endorsed it online BEFORE the purchase is made. They also accept online orders too. Send them the original detailed receipt in the mailers along with your other pops. Make sure the product-level data is on the receipt.  They do not reward you for taxes, shipping, and other fees.
With all that said, Here are some of my endorsements if you want to follow so we call can earn at least 10% cash back on our purchases:


More Ways to $ave- Buying Discount Gift Cards

Yet another way to save more money is to buy discount gift cards. When folks have gift cards they don't want or need they sell them to sites like They in turn sell them at a discount price. So you can save up to 35% off the gift card face value. Most of these sites offer free shipping and 100% satisfaction guaranteed and no expiration dates on the gift cards. You have to be quick though, I recommend signing up to get alerts when new card become available because they do get snatched up rather quickly. Once you have your gift card pair it up with a sale or coupon savings to maximize your money. Let me know what kind of deals you get.