Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Don't Go It Alone - Review of 99designs.com

99designs.com It's happened to many of us. We get this great idea in our minds and want to market ourselves. But then we realize all the in involved in starting up any type of venture. Time and skill. All of us don't have the skills, that is where www.99designs.com comes in. Over at www.99designs.com you can create a design contest.  In a design contest, hundreds of designers will submit concepts to create a version of your idea that you will like.   After a set period of time, you select your favorite and the winner gets paid. The concept works great because you get to see a wide variety of designs and you can provide feedback to designers during the contest to help them come to your desired outcome. And even better they have a money back guarantee which means you won’t have to pay for a result that doesn’t satisfy you. I think this is genius concept that many don't even know is out there. Where else could you pool together great artistic ideas in one place with out everyone egos getting in the way? Believe me, I have designed many logos for friends pro bono in my day and it is not any easy thing to come to a firm decision on because this is what will represent your company for many years. So try www.99designs.com and I think that you will be amazed at what you will get.

On the flip side if you are looking for Design jobs www.99designs.com is a great way to earn extra income in your extra time.

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