Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sign up for Smarterer and start testing your skills

 Although the name is self does not quite develop the thought of intelligence, you should sign up to see your skills. I did and it was fun!

Smarterer is a platform designed to score individuals on digital, social, and technical skills. Using crowdsourced test design and a scoring mechanism similar to the one developed to rank chess masters, in just 10 questions and 60 seconds we can give you a valid score.
When you take a Smarterer test you can get a score on your skills in areas like:
  • Blogging tools like Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress
  • Browser systems such as Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer
  • Games like Angry Birds and World of Warcraft
  • Social Media tools like Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube
  • And how much of a Baller you are. Serioulsy!
Want to stay in touch with Smarterer and find out all the latest news and updates?
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