Monday, November 21, 2011

Philips Wake-up Light Better Mornings Program from SheSpeaks

Did you know that both sunlight and daylight have positive effects on us? The light raises energy levels and helps us align our daily rhythm. The Philips Wake-up Light gets brighter and brighter the closer it is to the set wake up time. Find out when to use the Philips Wake-up Light to help live your best life.
 Along with eating right, exercising, and sleeping well, light plays an important role in living your best life. Using innovative Light Therapy, the Philips Wake-up Light gradually wakes you up in a gentle, less abrupt way - the way nature intended it.  
I was fortunate enough to be chosen to review this amazing product from Philips. I have been using it for about a week now and I really love it. It does gently wake me up in the morning. The light starts turning on about 30 minutes before you set the alarm. And then at the set time the alarm goes off, I set it to the birds chirping. Its a great way to wake up rather than that annoying beep beep beep jarring you awake every morning. I also love the radio feature and the lamp feature that you can dim. It is a great product that will be replacing my conventional alarm clock.

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Disclosure: I was offered this product at no cost from SheSpeaks and Philips to facilitate my review however my opinions remain my own.