Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sign Up for Superpoints and earn FREE Rewards

Super Points is a new thing and I’ve been trying it out for a few days now. It’s very similar to MyPoints and Swagbucks, but it is invite ONLY. You earn points by watching videos and click through e-mails to earn points. Fun and Easy way to Earn some extra money!


How can you get points on Super Points?

You can get points by watching videos (usually just gives one point for a couple minute long YouTube video), filling out offers, opening emails from Super Points (usually only containing a point or two), answering surveys, and using the Super Lucky button. Of course you can also get points by inviting your friends to sign up for Super Points.

Member Levels

Your member level also determines how many points you need to redeem for stuff in the rewards catalog. At the “Basic” level, you need 2500 points to redeem for anything. At “Gold,” you just need 1000 points to redeem. As a “Platinum” member, you can start redeeming rewards at just 500 points.

What’s in the Rewards Catalog?

Lots of stuff. They have the ever-popular $5 Amazon card for just 500  points. Then there’s also $5 to Paypal for just 500 points and you can get as much as $500 cash to your Paypal with 50,000 points. There’s also electronics, toys, you name it.

  I know you want to sign up! Send me an e-mail at stylishlysaving(at) with the subject SuperPoints and I will send you an invitation!