Thursday, June 23, 2011

Earn More Points with RecycleBank

Recyclebank has a  new contest where there will be lots of ways you can earn more points!  

Here is what you need to do:

1) You will first need to Log in or sign up for a new Recyclebank account (FREE to join).

2) Come back to this post and click on this link:  Recyclebank’s Green Your Vacation Contest!

3) Once there, click on the word “travel” above the closed suitcase, to get it to open like in the photo.

4) Once the suitcase is open, click on  any of the animated items (train, ship, plane, both cars, raining clouds, red suitcase on the train, and flying bag) to quickly and easily earn points in your account!
Each item will give you the chance to earn points for a total of at least 70 points.   The other categories will open up randomly later on in the summer, giving us more opportunities to earn points. 

Want to sign-up with Recyclebank? Recyclebank is a great program that rewards you for recycling by working with a variety of partners. You can add points in many different easy ways, answering quick questions, polls and other things. Just go HERE to sign up for RecycleBank to find out all the ways to earn and save! I just got a FREE umbrella in the mail that I got using RecycleBank points. You can also redeem your points for money saving coupons. So what are you waiting for? Sign up!

Here’s a list of other current ways to Earn Free Recyclebank Points:

Pampers Learn & Earn (25 Points)

Tide Learn & Earn (25 Points)

Click the link to take the pledges on Facebook and then make sure you Click to add the points to your account once you take the pledge.

Educate Pledge (10 Points)

Commit Pledge (15 Points)

Live Pledge (25 Points)